The route

It seems most of the time when I go skating anymore, I just cruise around downtown New Albany. My hometown. It’s perfectly fine with me. I enjoy seeing the same sights. I’d say that I use the bicycle lanes more than bicycles do. So to me they’re skate lanes. It makes it easy to navigate all the one-way streets.

It’s just the little things to me that make it such a fun time. There are certain places where I like to hit up on the sidewalk and feel all the cracks and have to make sure I don’t get caught up on a raised up part of the concrete. How about those either plastic or brick pieces they have on the slanted parts where the sidewalk and road meet? Those things are horrible, even just to walk on.

I feel like skateboarding has become way more accepted, like around here. It wasn’t uncommon to have a run in with the police back in the day. But now it seems around here they don’t really care all that much. Stay out of the parking garage and you’re pretty much good to go.

Every now and then I’ll stop by the store for a beer to go. Pushing around with a beer in hand is something my 18-year-old self would not approve of. Needless to say for me, it most certainly does NOT help my skating ability. It’s usually an end of the session kind of thing. Can I get a SUI? (Skating under the influenced)

I love skating in the road headed to the skatepark on the river. Today was the nicest day. There’s usually not much traffic. So I bomb the 6th street hill after skating along the top of the floodwall. I continue to push down the road, wind blowing, headphones on, eyes closed just taking in everything. The music, the rumbling under my feet. The sun setting beyond the Sherman Minton bridge as more of the skatepark comes into view. In these moments, all my worries, all the stress, everything, just stops. It’s such a serene feeling.

People sometimes ask me how I can just seem so happy and smile so much. I always say being negative or mean is just a lot of wasted energy. Be happy. A great way for me to be happy. Skateboarding. So…………

Just skate.



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