Uh oh, I hear rain drops.


What drives you? Like what gets you hyped up? It doesn’t have to be something crazy or like get you super hyped. Just what gets ya going, what do you live for? One word can answer all those questions. For me. Skateboarding.

I usually don’t judge myself, or anyone else for that matter, on how good I am. Ya know? Like I would say I’m not good and I’m totally fine with that. I stopped trying to learn as many tricks as I possibly can a long time ago. I’ve learned that for me to have the most fun out of it and keep going is to just have fun the way I currently am. Hell, I couldn’t tell you the last trick I actually learned.

Sorry, gotta end this post. It’s starting to rain and I’m skating downtown. Back down Spring Street I go.


Time of the season

It’s getting to be that time again. The daylight is growing shorter, the weather is getting crispier. This is skateboarding in the midwest. Even though I would say that I’m kind of in between the Midwest and the East. But whatever.

I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate anymore. Fortunately the coming Winter just makes me want to get a second job. I mean, I’m just going to be sitting around for six months anyways. Why not make money, ya know? Unfortunately the coming Winter also means that it’ll be a big mental test as usual for me. I should be happy I’m still able to skate when I can, I know but I’m only 29. Hmmm. 30 will be here very very soon. Wait, what was I talking about? My memory isn’t the same. I’ve lost that thought.

I’m hyped I started this blog even though I haven’t written much in it. I figured out that I can’t just write whenever. I need to be in the mood. Actually going out skating and stopping by a usual chill spot helps me get the creative juices flowing. Tonight I pushed around and through all the alleys here in downtown. It’s so nice that I feel safe that I don’t have to worry about crazy people down here. It’s like a ghost town at times. But I love it. I can cruise right down the middle of Main Street and not have to worry at all. Well, maybe a little. The Farmer’s Market addition is very well lit up, might I add. And sitting in Bicentennial Park or these front porch art pieces are pretty neat as well.

I was writing a review on the Bicentennial Park earlier and I had a nice moment. Heres an excerpt from it.
“I like stopping by and chilling on the benches and just taking in all the sights and sounds of my favorite city. My hometown.”

I like to read those words over and over. I love this place. It’s time for me to skate home, though. Only a number of blocks.


I Couldn’t Come Up With a Title

Is there such thing as a skateboarding historian? I know I could just Google such a thing but it’s mostly just a thought that I typed out. I would love to learn everything there ever was about skateboarding. I think this is why I could just talk about skateboarding for hours and hours. It’s my passion. It’s just another example of what it means for me to be a skateboarder. I love all aspects of it.

It. Often times when I’m describing something that has to do with skateboarding, I don’t know how to refer to the act itself. I could call it a sport. I could call it art. So when I say I love all aspects of it, I could just say that I love all aspects of the art. Or of the sport. Why this is such an idea for me to concentrate on is random, I know.

Life is just a quest. As the quest goes on, we become more at one with it. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that without skateboarding I would have a totally different mindset about pretty much everything. I wouldn’t look at stairs the same way. A handrail would just be a handrail. A waxed up ledge would just be a discolored piece of concrete. A sidewalk wouldn’t be a potential manual pad. I wouldn’t know what dedication to a passion felt like because I feel I wouldn’t be passionate about much else. Maybe computers. Skateboarding has led me along this quest in such an amazing way.

Getting older definitely helps you put things in to perspective. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have thought that skateboarding would alter the way I think. It was just something fun I got in to. It’s like a good virus. I became infected and it spread.

I’m not really sure where I was wanting to go exactly with this post. I know it’s been a little bit since I last posted. I guess that’s just how transposing skateboarding into words is sometimes. It’s super hard. So the easiest thing to do would be just to go skate. I’m kind of battling an injury right now but I won’t let it keep me down. I’ll leave on that note.