Keep on

There’s a wallride spot by the YMCA here in New Albany. It’s nothing too special. Just the side of that little building in one of the parking lots. I always wonder if anyone else skates it. I’m not the only skateboarder around here.


It took me a while but I finally rode away from a couple of attempts. It felt good. I mean, it felt great! It seems as the years progress and I don’t get to skate as much as I did say 10 years ago, moments such as this don’t arise that often. Even if it’s not that big of a trick or whatever. The fact that it was something I was trying and trying and not even getting close to at first and finally made one, it all came back to me. That feeling. It’s a feeling I have and will talk about a lot on here. I can talk all day about it. But to actually describe it, psshh. There’s no way.

I don’t know why it’s taken me until now to actually visit the website For years I’ve seen the videos and pictures and fallen in love with New York City skateboarding. If I had to choose one side of the country to live on, I’d pick East Coast hands down. All the video parts with certain songs that when I think about them, I automatically picture some sort of NYC-style spot. The little fences that go around trees, the medians in the rodes that you have to wait until traffic is stopped to get a try in on, skating alongside cabs and dodging other cars, brick anything(especially ledges), marble spots with random fountains, spots next to subway entrances, the subway itself. I could go on and on. And you know what, I’ve never been to NYC. It’s my dream place to visit. While everyone else talks about Hawaii and Europe as their dream destinations, I just want to go to New York City. I want to go there and skate until my legs literally give out. Which now that I’m feeling the way I feel, it would take only a few hours. Haha! 30 is here and I’m feeling it. But I’m trying to not revel in this whole I’m-old-thing. I’m not. It’s just that I don’t have the same amount of energy that I used to. My knees and legs just aren’t what they used to be either. But I’ll leave that there.

The Winter months are approaching. It’s not good but hey, what can ya do? Just keep on pushin.


Pushing for Inspiration


The above picture was taken a couple days ago. November 3rd to be exact. I just wanted to get that out of the way. And the title, well, pun intended.

It seems as though sometimes I feel like I’m obligated to skate if the weather is good. Like today, it’s November 5th and it’s 74 degrees and sunny out. This is mostly unheard of around here at this time because this is the Ohio Valley and it can be 100 degrees one day and 50 the next. Back to it. I hate that I get that feeling of obligation. It’s skateboarding. I shouldn’t have to force myself into the state of mind that “it’ll be fun” so I should just do it. But once I get out and moving around, getting that blood flowing, I forget about the fact that I just sat around for an hour contemplating whether I should skate or not. Duh dude, skateboarding is my world. Well, next to my wife. 🙂

Everything around me while I’m skating inspires me. Doesn’t matter what it is. All the cracks down a sidewalk, traffic, curbs, buildings, houses, people working, people playing. And headphones in or not, I’m constantly looking at something with a million thoughts running through my mind. It always makes me feel some sort of way. Mostly not describable with words. Feeling. Feeling the ground underneath of you. Feeling the air run through your hair and body. Yeah, hair. Feeling hyped because you just dodged not one but two cars in a row, both within like 20 feet of one another. It’s okay, they were busy not paying attention.

Unfortunately I have to go to work soon. Very soon. Always a bummer to have to stop having fun for work, but oh well. Go watch some skate clips. Go skate. Go.