Pushing for Inspiration


The above picture was taken a couple days ago. November 3rd to be exact. I just wanted to get that out of the way. And the title, well, pun intended.

It seems as though sometimes I feel like I’m obligated to skate if the weather is good. Like today, it’s November 5th and it’s 74 degrees and sunny out. This is mostly unheard of around here at this time because this is the Ohio Valley and it can be 100 degrees one day and 50 the next. Back to it. I hate that I get that feeling of obligation. It’s skateboarding. I shouldn’t have to force myself into the state of mind that “it’ll be fun” so I should just do it. But once I get out and moving around, getting that blood flowing, I forget about the fact that I just sat around for an hour contemplating whether I should skate or not. Duh dude, skateboarding is my world. Well, next to my wife. 🙂

Everything around me while I’m skating inspires me. Doesn’t matter what it is. All the cracks down a sidewalk, traffic, curbs, buildings, houses, people working, people playing. And headphones in or not, I’m constantly looking at something with a million thoughts running through my mind. It always makes me feel some sort of way. Mostly not describable with words. Feeling. Feeling the ground underneath of you. Feeling the air run through your hair and body. Yeah, hair. Feeling hyped because you just dodged not one but two cars in a row, both within like 20 feet of one another. It’s okay, they were busy not paying attention.

Unfortunately I have to go to work soon. Very soon. Always a bummer to have to stop having fun for work, but oh well. Go watch some skate clips. Go skate. Go.


2 thoughts on “Pushing for Inspiration

  1. I think what you get in skating includes “observation.” I may have driven past something hundreds of times, but when I walk by it…I realize I have never seen it before. It may be an eclectic house, or landscaping or some crazy sign that has been there forever. Skating gives you the opportunity to observe and makes me realize I need to walk more.

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