Hill bomb w/watery eyes


Where to begin. Skateboarding. Unfortunately for me it’s kind of lacking in me lately. I mostly blame it on the weather. 80 degrees one day, 40 the next. And to top it off, this cold or whatever is that I have. But I’m out here. Like, literally right now, I’m out skating. Stopped by Bicentennial Park and decided to put up a post.

Not that I know what to even post about. Updates on my life? What is this?  Facebook? Ha. It’s rather chilly out. 51 degrees. Thank you, Accuweather widget.

Monday’s are always rather full around downtown. Not in a bad way. For some reason, it reminds me of when I first started skating down here. Back in the day after like 5pm, you could skate in the middle of the road and not see a car for a while. The stage was always hit or miss. The parking garage. There was a potential of losing your boards to the cops there. I was always worried about going to jail over skating. But I don’t think I ever got that close to going. Still, I was a worrier.

It’s time to get this post done so I can head home. Losing feeling in the fingers.


Where Have I Been?

It’s been a while. I’ve still been skating. Just keeping to myself, skate-wise. Pushing when I can. I feel as though you have to go through tough times just to realize how great the good times are. Which makes sense. Yin and yang. Now the tough times I’m talking about haven’t been super bad or anything. Just the usual Winter time blues. But alas Spring is upon us. I could definitely feel it during today’s sesh. The warm weather, wearing shorts, and just hanging out with your dudes, even as unexpectedly as it was. It’ll always be one of the best things about skateboarding. Hanging with friends and having no worries. Just chillin and skating. The best. Building off each other. Having fun. Falling on the ground and instantly laughing about it. Just fun. It’s the simple things.