Skate clips on my off day

I love watching skate clips on YouTube in my spare time. I’m constantly thinking about skateboarding anyways. So here’s a few clips that I just happend to think about today. 

PJ Ladd’s part from A Wonderful Horrible Life is one that just amazes from beginning to end. His shifty tricks are my favorite. I wish mid-run shifty flips would make a comeback. And the song jams so you just get hooked into it. See it here:

The next clip I decided on was Scott Kane’s amateur and professional parts from the video Bootleg 3000. I’m sure most people remember Bootleg Skateboards, a brother or sister or whatever company to Baker Skateboards. The tricks he was doing then were way ahead of his time, hell everyone’s time. It took me a little while to figure out if he was regular or goofy footed. I seriously feel like he didn’t have a stance.  He just skated. Switch heel front nose a 9 stair rail?! See it here:

The final clip I decided to go with was Mikemo Capaldi’s part from Fully Flared. I remember being at awe when I saw how he locks right in to some technical stuff. Like, his board does exactly what it’s supposed to do and when. And come on, the Arade Fire popping up again. I loved the tracks they used in Fourstar’s Super Champion Fun Zone video. See it here:

Well, that’s all I have for this post. Sorry it’s been months. I’ve just been skating as much as possible. Sometimes stopping to write a blog post seems like the opposite of what I should be doing in that moment. 
Oh I almost forgot. I wanted to post a clip of me that has probably appeared on other social media but whatever. Here:

Video credit goes to Michael Stevens.