Where Have I Been?

It’s been a while. I’ve still been skating. Just keeping to myself, skate-wise. Pushing when I can. I feel as though you have to go through tough times just to realize how great the good times are. Which makes sense. Yin and yang. Now the tough times I’m talking about haven’t been super bad or anything. Just the usual Winter time blues. But alas Spring is upon us. I could definitely feel it during today’s sesh. The warm weather, wearing shorts, and just hanging out with your dudes, even as unexpectedly as it was. It’ll always be one of the best things about skateboarding. Hanging with friends and having no worries. Just chillin and skating. The best. Building off each other. Having fun. Falling on the ground and instantly laughing about it. Just fun. It’s the simple things.


I Couldn’t Come Up With a Title

Is there such thing as a skateboarding historian? I know I could just Google such a thing but it’s mostly just a thought that I typed out. I would love to learn everything there ever was about skateboarding. I think this is why I could just talk about skateboarding for hours and hours. It’s my passion. It’s just another example of what it means for me to be a skateboarder. I love all aspects of it.

It. Often times when I’m describing something that has to do with skateboarding, I don’t know how to refer to the act itself. I could call it a sport. I could call it art. So when I say I love all aspects of it, I could just say that I love all aspects of the art. Or of the sport. Why this is such an idea for me to concentrate on is random, I know.

Life is just a quest. As the quest goes on, we become more at one with it. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that without skateboarding I would have a totally different mindset about pretty much everything. I wouldn’t look at stairs the same way. A handrail would just be a handrail. A waxed up ledge would just be a discolored piece of concrete. A sidewalk wouldn’t be a potential manual pad. I wouldn’t know what dedication to a passion felt like because I feel I wouldn’t be passionate about much else. Maybe computers. Skateboarding has led me along this quest in such an amazing way.

Getting older definitely helps you put things in to perspective. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have thought that skateboarding would alter the way I think. It was just something fun I got in to. It’s like a good virus. I became infected and it spread.

I’m not really sure where I was wanting to go exactly with this post. I know it’s been a little bit since I last posted. I guess that’s just how transposing skateboarding into words is sometimes. It’s super hard. So the easiest thing to do would be just to go skate. I’m kind of battling an injury right now but I won’t let it keep me down. I’ll leave on that note.

Go where the road takes you


I almost didn’t skate today. Waking up on Thursdays for me right now means I have to be at work at 3. I hate having to stop having fun to go to work. So sometimes Thursdays aren’t very productive for me. Unless grass needs to be cut somewhere. But I digress.

I was going to walk down here to the riverfront. As I was going towards the front door, I looked down at my board just sitting there. Quickly in my mind I realized that it would be silly for me to not skate. After all, it’s 79 degrees out with very few clouds in the sky.

A lot of the times that I go out and cruise, I hit up the familiar spots to me. Places that have deep memories that I’ll always cherish. It’s funny to think that a little manual pad in a church parking lot could be so important to me. Every time I ride by it, I think of all the fun times I’ve had skating it. Like when you learn a trick on a small object then want to take it to a little bit bigger object. I’m sure it’s just a slab of concrete to everyone else. But the times you’ve had there with your friends or just yourself cannot be put into words, really. You live the experience and always have the memories. I love reminiscing.

I always like to see people’s faces when I skate by. I’m sure they’ve seen it on TV or there’s a kid in their neighborhood that skateboards. For me being a skateboarder, I don’t know how to look at it as not one. I’m sure that goes for just about everything. Someone that is super passionate about swimming probably just seems like some person that swims to me. But I can appreciate that passion. I think being so passionate about something helps you express it more. I like to think some people that don’t even know me know how much I like skateboarding just by seeing me skate by. Like, they can appreciate the act even though it may not be very interesting to them.

Maybe some of this is hitting home for someone out there. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only skater that examines things like this. Even if you aren’t a skater, I hope I can convey these thoughts and observations onto things in your life. Maybe have a different outlook or perspective on things. An open mind is a great thing.

The route

It seems most of the time when I go skating anymore, I just cruise around downtown New Albany. My hometown. It’s perfectly fine with me. I enjoy seeing the same sights. I’d say that I use the bicycle lanes more than bicycles do. So to me they’re skate lanes. It makes it easy to navigate all the one-way streets.

It’s just the little things to me that make it such a fun time. There are certain places where I like to hit up on the sidewalk and feel all the cracks and have to make sure I don’t get caught up on a raised up part of the concrete. How about those either plastic or brick pieces they have on the slanted parts where the sidewalk and road meet? Those things are horrible, even just to walk on.

I feel like skateboarding has become way more accepted, like around here. It wasn’t uncommon to have a run in with the police back in the day. But now it seems around here they don’t really care all that much. Stay out of the parking garage and you’re pretty much good to go.

Every now and then I’ll stop by the store for a beer to go. Pushing around with a beer in hand is something my 18-year-old self would not approve of. Needless to say for me, it most certainly does NOT help my skating ability. It’s usually an end of the session kind of thing. Can I get a SUI? (Skating under the influenced)

I love skating in the road headed to the skatepark on the river. Today was the nicest day. There’s usually not much traffic. So I bomb the 6th street hill after skating along the top of the floodwall. I continue to push down the road, wind blowing, headphones on, eyes closed just taking in everything. The music, the rumbling under my feet. The sun setting beyond the Sherman Minton bridge as more of the skatepark comes into view. In these moments, all my worries, all the stress, everything, just stops. It’s such a serene feeling.

People sometimes ask me how I can just seem so happy and smile so much. I always say being negative or mean is just a lot of wasted energy. Be happy. A great way for me to be happy. Skateboarding. So…………

Just skate.